Glass Art: A unique art

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Glass art is a unique art which brings life to the colourless glass with lively almost speaking art form living. Glass art creation is a modern work of art which is made up of glass wholly or partially. Glass art forms are:

-Glass Sculptures

-Glass Pnels

-Knitted Glass

-Glass Fashion

-Mixed Media Iinnovations

Stained glass art:

French have a interesting story to tell bchihuly-293066_1920ehind this art form.

Stained glass art was the way to educate the masses in France to educate them about history and religion and to teach them about history.

French gothic cathedrals in particular have beautiful arts in the glass which have stories and secrets to tell.

French art glass:statue-708385_1920

French art glass is known along Nouveau art because of the contribution of Emily Galle, Daum Frères and Rene Lalique’s masterpieces. Etched art Nouveau introduced cameo glass work in Jean Daum’s firm (the founder) by his sons Antonin and Auguste in 1893.

Jean –Claude Novaro: The King of Glass Art

French artist Jean-Claude Novaro is also known for his wonderful contribution towards creating new techniques and crafted art glass masterpieces. A young 20 year old glassblower once made glass trinklets for tourists and later on evolved as the king of glass art and made exquisite creations.

cathedral-425568_1920Rene Jules Lalique (1860-1945, Paris)

One of the prominent glass art designers was a French artist Rene Jules Lalique who was known for his famous fine glass art creations. After his first career of a jeweller, in 1900, after his Paris exhibition, he became the famous art deco glass maker. He was given a factory in Wingen Sur Moder Alsace by the French government where his production of glass took place in 1921.

Rene Lalique is best known for exquisite vases, tablewares, ranges of beautiful lightening jewellery, boxes, car mascots, scent bottles, toilette set and the best trademark opalescent coloured bowls and figures.

The most collectible glass art of René is the pre 1946 glass signed R Lalique.His son has removed the R from his signature. But still his glass is perhaps the most popular and consistent area of art glass collecting. In TV antiques programmes his glasses are much praises and swoman-1316847_1920hown.

 Cup of grace (1910) is one of his famous creations among many. He created a glassware firm which was named after him and this glassware firm is still successful.

Emily Galle

Emily mostly made fine enamelled glass pieces initially but from mid 1890s he mainly produced art nouveau style glass which ranged from simple to marvellous. Later on after his death his works produced larger more art deco cameo vases. His factory was based in Nancy (France) and he founded the Nancy School. By 1900, Emily became the greatest art nouveau glass maker in the world.

Daum Nancy

Daum produced great glass cameo work but they seem to be out of range of many collectors. The Daum family produced some of the greatest art noveau and art deco glass in the period of late 19th to mid 20th century. Acid deep cut glasses, coloured Jades, enamelled cameo glass pieces, vitrified pieces was produced by the Daum.

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